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The Last Stand Union City

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A massive flu has been spread out, making the infected ones to die immediately and then rise as deadly zombies. The player is a resident of Union City which is located on the east coast of North America. Among the disruption of the zombie apocalypse, the player must survive by collecting the weapons,food and supplies by finding a best place to take shelter. On his way to fight the city's infected areas, he meets other survivors along his path. The Game The Last Stand Union City starts when the player, driving off to home from Union City from where he works, happen to sight a zombie, which makes his car to wreck into a telephone stand. There are many number of damaged and lost cars all over the road ahead of the city. When he reach his apartment passing walking through the valley of death,he finds a note written on the wall by their spouse, who already left to the Hospital in Canal Park for helping them. The next level at the Hospital,they found that their spouse had taken to the local stadium along with many other survivors. This level he has to fight their path to the stadium, passing through New town and Uptown. When he finally came to find out the Stadium, he recognize that an organization named 'HERC' made the virus to outbreak and they took their spouses for an experimentation purpose at their outposts in Uptown. After the player escapes the virus infected Stadium, they follow to walk to Uptown. The player finally saves their spouse from the 'HERC' organization's Outpost and flee to the docks, and they finds Jack there, so we will not spoil you The Last Stand Union City game you will see every details when you will try this game.

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